About Me

Name: Steven  Lucas
Date of Birth: July 10. 1989
Gender: Male
Lives In: Calgary, Alta
Email: steven@bvselectronics.com
Website: bvselectronics.com


Hi!  Welcome to my little piece of the web.  My name is Steven and here is a little about me, I am a web designer living and working out of Calgary, Canada.  I love living in the mountains where I can ski, hike, mountain bike, but at heart I am kind of a nerd who enjoys playing around on the internet.

Creating good looking websites has been my passion since I was just a kid and learned some basic HTML.  Along the way I learned that a good looking website wasn’t enough, you need a solid SEO strategy to go along with otherwise your site is just a Ferrari with no engine – looks pretty but doesn’t really go anywhere.

SEO and Web design need to go hand in hand in order to make the most out of your brand and your marketing efforts.  Your site represents you and your business, SEO just allows the rest of the world the ability to see what you offer.  I like being a part of the process the whole way, from an idea in a clients head all the way to the top spot on Google.

Stick around, enjoy the posts as I blog about all things SEO and web design related.  Once again, welcome!