Optimize for voice search

How to Optimize for Voice Search

Imagine driving home after a long day of meeting, grabbing your Iphone and saying “Siri, find me a Chinese restaurant” or “Siri, where is the closest gas station?”  While this isn’t unusual exactly how many people are searching for businesses like this but the question is – is your business ready for it? MRC SEO Consulting knows mobile web optimization as well as SEO

optimize for voice search


How popular is voice search right now?

Back in 2014 a study was done by Northstar Research showing that more than 50% of teens will use voice search and adults are pulling in a close second at just over 40%.  They are using it for everything from getting directions to the nearest drugstore to asking for help with homework.

At this point we are using voice search for directions, the same study showed that more than 45% of teens and 36% of adults would like to use this same technology to place a take out order.  No, we aren’t quite there yet. You can tell your phone to call your local pizza joint you’re still going to have to talk to a person.

How Do You Make Voice Search Work For You?

  1.  Optimizing for conversational phrases and questions.  Most voice searches are question, “how can I”, “where is”  and phrases like that.  It is time to look at local search keywords in a new light and prepare for voice search inquiries.
  2. Have a FAQ page.  Many voice searches also include follow up questions, making it more important to have the questions already answered on your site.
  3. Make sure your schema is done.  Schema is an important add on to your site to ensure that search engines understand exactly what your site is about.
  4. Include more and more content.  It won’t be enough for your local business to just list their location and the services they provide, going forward it will be important to include more information.  Your site will need to include menus, prices, detailed services and you will need to very location specific.
  5. Make sure that your site is mobile friendly.  This should absolutely be done in 2016 not just for voice search purposes, but to make sure your site is not penalized in the search engines.

How can you as a business owner or search marketing expert prepare?

This can be a huge opportunity to position yourself to take advantage of what voice search can provide, particularly to those focused on local SEO.  Get your sites ready and optimize for voice search now, follow the tips above to be as prepared as possible.  What is the future of voice search?  That remains to be seen, but with companies like Google, Apple and even TV manufacturers investing heavily in this technology, you can be sure it’s not going anywhere.let us help your business with optimization http://www.calgaryseocompany.ca